Congres FECMA 2018 : les présentations sont disponibles

AFDCC attended the pan european congress held in Malta from 16th th to 19th May.

The previous ones were held in Budapest in 2013 ,in Brussels in 2015 with a record of bringing together up to 200 delegates from all over Europe (mainly from the countries where the congress was held.)

The topic of the Malta congress was :

« credit management in a changing world »

Eleven speakers from main european countries gave their view on this topic ,all very interesting and showing the impact of robotization, artificial intelligence ,new communication channels , blockchain, gamification ( cf the » cash game » from our dutch colleagues) and so on …on our activity.

General feeeling is that whatever will be the introduction and development of robotization for the basic tasks , there will always be a need of an experimented qualified Credit Manager to assess the solvency of a customer.

Around 120 people attended this congress and the general feed back was from « very good to excellent  » pushing FECMA to decide to organize in two years from now a 4th pan european congress .(venue not yet decided.)

The speaches are available here :