AFDCC attended the pan european congress held in Malta from 16th th to 19th May.

The previous ones were held in Budapest in 2013 ,in Brussels in 2015 with a record of bringing together up to 200 delegates from all over Europe (mainly from the countries where the congress was held.)

The topic of the Malta congress was :

“credit management in a changing world”

Eleven speakers from main european countries gave their view on this topic ,all very interesting and showing the impact of robotization, artificial intelligence ,new communication channels , blockchain, gamification ( cf the” cash game” from our dutch colleagues) and so on …on our activity.

General feeeling is that whatever will be the introduction and development of robotization for the basic tasks , there will always be a need of an experimented qualified Credit Manager to assess the solvency of a customer.

Around 120 people attended this congress and the general feed back was from “very good to excellent ” pushing FECMA to decide to organize in two years from now a 4th pan european congress .(venue not yet decided.)

The speaches are available here :